Aquatic Survival

A new way a new 1.13 way to survive!
We found a new planet hmmm...
A water planet gmmm...
No land but a special type of ground...
Hmmm I think you can handle it hmm...
See below for our special findings gmmmm..

Custom Crafting

Not all blocks exist so we need to craft them!

Special Drops

Normal blocks with special drops

Block drop Pedia Aquara

Wil drop itself or one of the following : Magma Cream , Blaze Rod , Nether wart , Netherrack

Will drop itself or one of the following : end stone , quartz

Will drop itself or one of the following : soul sand , clay balls

Will drop itself or one of the following : ghast tear , wither skeleton skull

Will drop itself or one of the following : chorus fruit

A special gamemode are you up for it?

Aquatic survival. survive in the harsh environment of water as far as the eye can see.
Cave systems full of monsters and no land to be found!
create your own nature and habitat make your underwater or floating base.
write your own story without a tree in sight.

This gamemode can be considered HARD compaired to normal survival.
You have to swim and start building your base from scratch.
its up to you how to handle it.

If you want a head start there are some usefull tips below!

1. Start collecting kelp and fish directly they are your only food source at start.
2. Building a base can be hard try to find a cave first to get stone.
3. The deep is not safe. drowned live there too try to avoid and not attack!
4. A key point here are breathing potions find magma they give you usefull stuff
5. No diving without death. do not directly giveup mark where you dive to find it back easily in case of drowning.