The ongoing changes!

The ongoing changes!

Well well well..

We are all mad because bitcubes did not post an update on its progress in some time……..

well here i am with another update!
first off many plugins have been installed we changed our cosmetics to a new one.
And installed elytra particles and different support plugins.

we are also working on bitcubes assistant which is the plugin thats gonna manage many things.
For example (warnings , score , log system , anti hack , report system , bugreporting , glitch reporting , admin panel , Bitcubes Blocks and much much more!)
its now being installed at the moment it should be done soon.
But the server can restart some times because i need to fix things that are not fully working.

Sorry for any inconvenience that it might cause.

i hope everyone likes the new updates i will be back soon with more news!

Greetings the bitcubes team!

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