Note Server being updated!

Note Server being updated!

As we are moving on there are some things we need to let go.
As of the new minecraft 1.12 is ready im working my ass off to make everything working with the new version.
Today is the day that i find it stable enough to update survival and BCLand (BCLab wil remain closed)

Its possible that during the update either the server is offline or whitelisted.
When its whitelisted its being tested carefully to ensure everyones safety.

The Following changes are made:

Our economy is replaced by Gringotts once again! (Item based currency) this means that the money you had on hand (NOT YOUR BANK) is removed.
it will be replaced with a gift once you join the survival server the first time (500)

Some minigames are not functional anymore on 1.12 they remain closed until its fixed.

but overall the rest should work as intended but of course we are still gonna test the sh*t out of the plugins!

seeya all later!

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