We are back in action!

We are back in action!

Hello there bitcubers!

Im here with another update! so lets start!

first off is that the server was down today for about 1 hour
The reason where a load of updates to put in place.
The core has been updated aswell as many plugins so we are testing them to make sure they work
If some plugin broke and we did not detect it tell us that and we can fix it!
Note that abusing glitches is against the rules and will be punished!

The second thing is the 6 year event.
it was awesome many people came and we had a lot of fun with giveaways games and the wheel of fortune.
Aswell as that people could look into the past.
The rewards from the contest have been changed because just 2 people could find the answer.
They both got 2 coupons for 1 month Premium and next to that all online players at that time received a gift send to their real life adress!

Last but not least im prepairing the MCGSpace module for the bitcubes survival server.
it should be installed in no time let us know if you find any bugs!

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