Some updates!

Some updates!

Well we all know everything…..

or do you?
so lets sum up this updates:

  • MCGSpace Coming back!
  • Turrets fixed
  • Magic carpet now usable
  • banner maker now useable
  • all servers active and online again.
  • Soon quickports in the lobby

well lets start shall we!

first off MCGSpace is coming back.
i will work on the park manager until its stable and released. then i will install mcgspace and make some more new features for that!
MCGSpace was on our server before but was removed to the load on the server now that we have a new host since 1 year we can try it again!
MCG Space is a system that allows you to travel to space mine more minerals and epic loot it adds 3 new worlds such as SPACE Aquatopia and creeperplanet
the dangers lies so close!

plugin updates
Turrets are fixed now. they where shooting some players too if they came to close to the turret.

The magic carpet and banner maker are now tested and added to premium rank!

server status
All servers are now active and bugfree (park manager can contain bugs).
admins can login again and work can continue on all servers!

teleport hub
Due to some poeple lagging in the lobby im working on a teleport hub which can be entered from the spawndome.
it will teleport you to a lagg free zone with the same warps as in the lobby.
Keep in mind that the community dome shops admin area theater and such are NOT in the teleport hub.

and last!
the bitcubes contest is still going on but is reaching its end!
be sure you enter your entry to win a prize! ranging from free premium for 3 months to coupons!
the mystery remains unsolved i do however give everyone a hint.

"""" there is more then 1 criminal """"

i think thats it for now seeya all on bitcubes!
Greetings the bitcubes team!

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