Great news!

Great news!

Well i have some great news!

we have recovered from the attack!
We lost all plugins and files but the configurations of the plugins where intact.
So i worked very hard to download all plugins again….
and it works! the world is fine but we are still trying to find the latest stuff that might be wrong?
so tomorrow we will reopen all servers back to what they where before. (even something extra!)

everything is also updated to the last edition of the plugins so no more bugs i hope….

and what i also tested is the 1.12 pre2 edition with our current server state but that is just not working due to a massive load of plugins not updated enough.
and some api features that are broken in 1.12

the BCWorld server was never attacked and is still what it was before. so survival creative minetopia minigames and more are all not changed!
from tomorrow the proxy will become active again and you can  then join again!
sorry for the inconvenience but we could not prevent an hacker attack that was world wide!

Thank you all for your understanding..
Greetings the bitcubes team!

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