1.17 and java 16

author image by mmuziek | 0 Comments | 8 June 2021

Hello bitcubers today MC 1.17 has released with a new requirement for devs.
java 16 a version thats 8 versions ahead of the JRE (the java we use to run games and applets)
this means that almost all plugins need to update to java 16 in order to work at all.

beside that spigot has not released spigot 1.17 as of yet * 8-6-2021 11:50 am

once spigot is updated and many plugins are updated then i can update the server and increase the world border a bit.
keep in mind the 1.17 update is split into 2 parts. so the world is not larger yet and the deep is not there yet.

I hope i can bring more info soon 🙂
greetings the bitcubes team

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