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Welcome everyone to Bitcubes!
The Community where everyone has a place!
We play survival and building games and we like to play together!
But also for other games you are still welcome!

You can find all information about our servers on this website if you still cannot find what you are looking for then take a look at our forums over HERE
otherwise Below you find our supported games!

Have Fun!


Our News and Updates



Unturned is down please do not use the old ip anymore!

Currently the old admin has broken our server from the inside out causing the un turned to be down for 2 days now.

many of you are still connecting to the old ip causing to be redirected to his new network not the one of bitcubes.
anything that happens there is outside our control we recommend waiting until we re-add the ip on the bottom of this page. and announce it on our discord and here.

Sorry for the inconvenience

Support? anyone?

The new support system is now fully active

some time ago we removed the forums from our system.
This due to a low amount of users.
BUT! we replaced it right away with the new support system.
Right here on this website on all pages to be exact.
But still some people missed it.
Well its the blue Bitcubes icon on the right bottom staying on screen.
Simply click it and click bitcubes support.
there you can ask for support if you are not using discord.
To get faster or even a direct response u can also use the ticket system on our discord server.

Big Update Minecraft

17 October New lobby / World release

Some people are player for a long time at bitcubes now.
they see that a lot is being worked on the server.
We improved every little fail we could find any bug or glitch is being fixed or is already fixed.
Sadly sometimes we cannot fix something as its made by a dev somewhere else that did some unexpected massive damage to the server.
this is the reason why the current players and staff said why not regenerate the world with  1.13 in mind so more 1.13 biomes big and enough water but not to much.

well thats exactly what we did!
beside that some changes have been made so the inventory will be kept in lobby and survival.
The new lobby has also a Brand new theme and is build with high quality in mind! the grand opening will be 17 october between 20:30 and 21:00*


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