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November 2016

November 29, 2016

New December Giveaway!!!!

Due to the fact christmas is closing in we are doing a giveaway! from 1 december to 7 december you can enter the giveaway free! We are giving away 4 prizes! so there is enough chance to win! Find the giveaway on our giveaway page https://bitcubes.eu/giveaways/ Good luck to ya all and i hope everyone has a great time!
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November 28, 2016

Last weekend!

heya folks! i have much to tell you so sit and relax then start reading…….! first off last week was a busy week there are MANY improvements since the last news update… For example the water park is growing. New attractions have been made! a new SECRET project is under construction in the same BCLand server that when done will connect to the park….. Today i will launch the major update for our amusement park enabling the use of a smartphone ingame buying tickets on the go instead of only at ticket atms. also in that update there will be new show menus and restaurant menus next to the management apps for those who have a management security or owner rank. or both/all of them next to that there are some major bugfixes and glitches solved and fixed all together!!! and if thats not enough there is a new VIP access menu that give access to daily rewards you can claim as a VIP! the VIP Tag/Rank will be available soon in the donation store and will be later on possibly included in the premium rank pack! but im not sure yet i will confirm this later on after talking to the server staff. about last weekend! it was the copynite weekend! It was a awesome dutch private lan party where many gamers came to game and socialize! There was also a Bitcubes Build Contest and 3 people who did the contest all won nice prizes! To see the winners and their builds visit https://bitcubes.eu/contest A note to the Copynite Crew: Thank you copynite for all the awesome time you gave me and my community! It was in 2015 that i joined copynite for the first time and it was hard to adjust to the gaming and social climate there. But i learned so much in the last 2 copynites thats just unbelievable soo to be short. Thanks to those who made copynite happen it opened another door in my life that normally would stay closed. Thanks again and farewell as this was the last copynite ever im gonna miss the moment and feeling that i had…. with tears in my eyes i wave you all a goodbye and farewell and hope i will see you all again sometime Greetings mmuziek (aka Marvin) Owner Bitcubes Community and a friend! Well thats it basicly see ya all later and good luck! Best Regards the bitcubes team
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November 22, 2016

Event and more

Hey folks! here we go again with a massive load of updates! first off this weekend the owner mmuziek is going to a lan party event in the netherlands there will be held a contest called the bitcubes contest where the lan party members can enter the contest and win prizes! well to inform you guys during the contest this weekend the owner mmuziek cannot be busy helping all of you out continuesly the other staff members will help you if possible! what does that mean a contest? well this contest is only for people on that lan party and it has a special world with plots on the bcworld server you are all free to watch but not build thats why there is a special protection that only the owner mmuziek can resolve furthermore the contest is themed gaming so they have to build something that has to do with gaming games and minigames so it can be pixelarts live action games and more. during the contest the server can be flooded with more members then before so be warned if you do not like busy servers then wait until the contest is over. for the other news! the team is started to work on new attractions new stations and the plugin update is almost ready this means that the park will be more awesome then before! There is also a new water park being build where people can swim relax chat and slide of the nice waterslides. it will work on the same ranks as the main park so the security can always kick you out and manager can enter special zones to manage the water park. the next thing i wanna talk about is the suggestions we need. we definitely need suggestions to make the server better so more people wanna play on it! and we need more people for the builder rank too so if you wanna become a server builder contact mmuziek or an other staff member to take the test! If you succeed then you will be granted the builder rank wich will make it possible to help beside the staff team to build server related things like minigame arenas special zones spawns and more! well its been a long talk seeya all later and remember! bitcubes forever! greetings the bitcubes team!
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November 14, 2016

what ya all doin!

hey people! what are you all doing lately! the bitcubes community needs more help becoming bigger! thats why we reward every user who brings their friends to bitcubes a reward! to claim the reward simply join our teamspeak ask for mmuziek or find mmuziek and then ask for the reward and tell us who joined because of you! we will keep track tho who invited who so no abuse possible! and you cannot invite people who are already playing! Whats also new is that we have launched our builder rank some weeks ago and are in search of builders that want that rank! It doesnt give much extra but you are more special because of the rank tag! and the ability to help with big server projects when needed! well good luck to ya all and see you soon! the bitcubes team!
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November 7, 2016

hey folks!

hey folks! here are some progress updates and a surprise! first of all i wanted to say thanks to ya all for the support we are getting From the sponsorship from infinitykill to our sponsor getminute. thanks to those people we are online for more then 5 years now! but as this message is positive i have to report a problem… i wanted to renew the server today and found out they are charging me an extra 50 euros for an ip i never ordered. So im at fight with the server host to fix things its possible that i have to change a few things in order to lower the price otherwise i have to pay over 150 euro for a renewal wich we only collected 30 euros this year from donations. which comes to the following conclusion even when we are sponsored for some parts i got to many expenses and to little donations i made a small list of income and outgoing for the last year: website + database 54 euro Our  main server 85 euro our donation store : 20 euro for lifetime premium transaction costs for donations  calculated at 6.50 euro and our income is 30 euros wich 7 euros is locked and we cannot reach that money before we reach 50 euros on paymentwall and another 6.50 is lost in transaction fee so instead of 30 euro we only got 16.50 solid from donations we can use to pay the bill Which leaves a hole of 142.50 unpaid that i have to cover before december. now is that a problem because many of you know im autistic and do not have much money to spend so im working my ass off to collect some money. to pay the server bills if anyone has any spare money even if it is just a little it will help me a lot you can donate using our donation store that way i can give something back in return. i also decided that i will make a new list on our website called the honoured member list where i keep track of how much everyone donated and at certain amounts they get extra rewards and they will be showen as honoured people because they are great members that care about bitcubes! anyways thats what i wanted to tell you all i have also some progress updates: the park plugin is almost ready to be updated and then includes unlimited menus (so more attractions can be showen even when we reach the 26 limit) and new menus for shows and for restaurants aswell as a mobile phone command that opens a smartphone where you can perform actions! for example the VIP menu and the online tickets menu and such also the staff can also manage there functions from the mobile phone like the security menu and the management menu. For the survival server i have installed the WAR plugin wich is basicly a pvp plugin to make awesome pvp arenas from CTF to DM to TDM everything is in there! We still need arenas tho so if you wanna help make the arenas let us know! thats all folks seeya next time!
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October 2016

October 17, 2016

The latest updates!

Hi there bitcubes members! Its been a while since i posted an update so lets go trough the updates: First off the servers are running again! the BCland and BCworld server are both online and connected to each other by proxy. (Thanks to infinitykill for his sponsorship) also the bcland server is growing and growing and mabe ready for opening soon! The BCworld server has been redesigned we have different stuff from chickengames intergrated into our server. and this week we rollout the Builder rank if you wanna have that rank just ask a staff member or ask mmuziek directly the builder rank gives a signal to other people that your good at building and you may help build arenas and minigames and such for the server what normal users normally are not asked for. you get a special ingame rank tag and tag on teamspeak! And mabe in the future new permissions specially for builders! Next is the chicken games merge the chickengames clan has merged with bitcubes and more players are online. Now we wanna expand our server to the next level by adding new minigames creative survival skyblock and much much more! If you have any ideas how to make the server better sure tell the staff! That brings us to the next news! We as staff have decided to make use of our new sponsor GetMinute! We will get together every week to talk how to improve the server install new plugins. And talk about bugs and problems and of course your suggestions. there are so much changes all in your favor that i have decided to make it a little more easy! I have added a tryout pack on the donation store. it gives all ranks and addons for 1 day and can only be purchased once! To make it even better here is a coupon code valid this week to purchase it for 10% off! (BitcubesNEXT)   great to see everyone happy! Greetings the bitcubes team Special thanks to Infinitykill and the other staff to make this happen!
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September 2016

September 30, 2016

A new beginning

Due to the upcoming contest and such. and the losage of the sponsor get-gaming we are forced to lower our server count to 2. Thanks to Xerologic we can still host our BC land server. And the normal server was changed to modded but im getting complains that the memory requirements are to high. thats why i have desided to empty the survival server and change it to a creative plot server possibly with more features. Now its your turn please give us some feedback what do you wanna see on our main survival/creative server. as an reward we are giving away premium rank for a year!   thanks for the feedback until now! contact [email protected] for more help and info regarding this!
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August 2016

August 21, 2016

Important information! Regarding survival

What im about to say is important so read it carefully. due to lots of requests and my vacation i decided to make the survival a modded server so there is many more things to do. to get this modpack click the blue button on the right of the homepage. you need the technic launcher to play and at lease 2 GB of RAM if you do not know what that is its the memory in the computer. please make sure that the techniclauncher is using that amount or higher using the launcher options menu. if you need support contact us and we are happy to help you further with your problem!   Please note the server is under construction you can play and claim land already but the other functions are gone forever and needs to be replaced. the premium rank will continue to exist but will have different features then before the ranks page will be updated soon with new information about this. Hopefully i have given enough information if there are any questions just ask!
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July 2016

July 8, 2016

Little less time

Hi there me mmuziek is moving to a new home. thats why im not online as much as i normally do. if there are any questions or you need support or something. do ingame /support join then start chatting with the live chat support from bitcubes! good luck and have fun!
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June 2016

June 22, 2016

Worldmap updated

the worldmap is now fully updated to current standards. the world is twice as big since yesterday and nobody could see the latest changes. so here we go another snapshot from the bitcubes survival world! you can reach the worldmap from the bitcubes MCP have fun and good luck the bitcubes team
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June 18, 2016

Bitcubes Summer Cleanup

Some of you may have noticed that the bitcubes ranks are missing? or that there are many other new things in the donation store? Bitcubes is cleaning up all the ranks and permissions and updating the pages as you are reading this until its done. all ranks are removed and renewed we now have 1 premium rank instead of 8 other ranks you choose. and now you can choose how long you want that rank 1 day or 1 week 1 month or 6 mabe? or even a year?you want it you get it! also i have added lossless permissions that are not completely included in the premium pack they are extra and are permanent. buy 1 time and get it for life! next to that is the minigames server removed. we are now focusing on a amusement park full of attractions and fun! more on that later in this post…. together with the Amusement park comes a permission node called park manager with the park manager permission you can manage all attractions and some dining services. Also you can use particles and become a mascot from the park. open and close attractions and give out shows! The Amusement park is currently closed because its being build it currently has many rollercoasters a love ride simulations diners a huge parkin lot an entrance and some other secret things. The park runs thirst that means that you will get thirsty and have to drink while in the park what also is new there is the amazing firework show and the jukebox sound service what does that mean? well once you execute /jukebox and click on the link and open it in your browser you can listen to all music and sounds in the park that come together with shows and attractions. Also there will be a vacation park next to the amusement park where you can rent out a house to fill up yourself from the shop nearby there will be a indoor and outdoor swimming pools and lots of water slides for the park guests and vacation guests. more information to come. well because i have your attention when you read this i must make an announcement. Bitcubes needs donations thats for sure. We cannot push everyone to donate and we do not want to. But if we do not reach the 60 euro goal at the end of this year and the popularity on the server is low. There might be no bitcubes no more. We are doing our best to make it fun for everyone thats why there is now a standalone donation system where you can donate without something in returnyou can also subscribe there for a monthly donation thanks in advance and good luck to ya all! The bitcubes team
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June 10, 2016

Server Upgraded

The server is now 1.10. Some things are not working yet but will be soon enough. the world has been wiped and people their stuff that is in the bank is safe! Also some buildings are saved into the database and can be retreived Good luck and have fun to ya all! The bitcubes team!
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June 9, 2016

Bitcubes emergency broadcast transmission

The bitcubes server is gonna be updated to 1.10 the world however is not going to survive the update due to such changes that it needs a wipe. some plugins will also be removed because nobody uses it anymore. The minigames server will break and lots of minigames will not  function at start but will be updated as soon as possible. what you need to do! if you want to save your items then put them in the bank in spawn!if you want to keep your building 1 building from the groundlevel and up can be copyed over to the new server ask mmuziek on teamspeak to help you or ask it ingame when mmuziek is online (will be most of the day today if hes afk he will read back the messages so please enter thecoords of the building you want to save! You have time until 20:30 Dutch time
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June 7, 2016

Services back online

The bitcubes network is back online. and everything is as it should be! please note there is 1 bug in the lobby the buttons wont work we are fixing this as soon as possible!   Good luck The bitcubes team!
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May 2016

May 31, 2016

Servers being transfered

The servers are being transferred. if all goes well nothing is lost in between if it fails to move we keep trying until it succeeds. Stay tuned for more information! EDIT 1-6-2016: The servers are transfered but we are still fixing some stuff!
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May 29, 2016

Free rank month

Everyone gets dirt rank for 1 month free! only this June the dirt rank can be purchased for free allowing 1 month of dirt rank for free. to enable this join the LOBBY SERVER and purchase the dirt rank. it will then be given to you ingame make sure your online! you can use the coupon: dirtrankforeveryone! to purchase it for free!
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May 25, 2016

The bitcubes updates 25-5-2016

Welcome back players. its been some time since i posted an update so here i go: there is a new bitcubes news episode released! follow this link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vo7OvcmtY9Q There was a major bug on the survival server that entities wherent moving anymore. its now fixed. the bitcubes shop district was broken and is now fully functional again. bitcubes is installing a new game into the server called clash of minecrafters (stay tuned on more information) a new game mode is coming to bitcubes but is in delay due to some problems on the road to release. and there is a chance it will not be installed. A discussion will take place later today about the future of bitcubes it might deliver some extra players but stay tuned! and last but not least bitcubes copynite contest in november is still taking place! wanna join the contest if you are coming to copynite you can signin already https://bitcubes.eu/contest good luck and have fun the bitcubes team!
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May 10, 2016

Bitcubes 5 year party!

Bitcubes exists for 5 years on 31 May. We are gonna celebrate it as big as possible! Some people are invited to the bitcubes party. on the server there will be some drop party’s if there are enough people online. the bitcubes donation store have a 50 cents to 2.50 off Ranks for 1 month and different presents will be given to the players!   wish us luck and have fun! the bitcubes team!
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May 10, 2016

Minecraft 1.9.4 update

The bitcubes server has been updated to minecraft 1.9.4. this update comes with some problems. they are hopefully fixed soon. 1. the NPCs are broken in this update so banks wont work. to resolve this everyone has access to /back open 2.the XP bottler is broken and hopefully updated soon 3.you cannot sit on chairs for the moment but will be updated soon!   these problems will be resolved as soon as possible. In case you find a bug not in this list please report it through our support channel  teamspeak or pm mmuziek on minecraft  
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April 2016

April 29, 2016

Copynite Bitcubes Minecraft build contest

De bitcubes Minecraft contest op Copynite 2016! In deze buildoff zullen jullie de strijd tegen elkaar aangaan in wie het mooist en Effectiefst kan bouwen. Diegene die het beste bouwt wint mooie prijzen maar natuurlijk hebben we ook een 2e en 3e plaats! iedere deelnemer krijgt Zoiezo een Minecraft Armbandje! Wil je meedoen? Meld je dan bij marvin op Copynite (mmuziek) Of schrijf je digitaal in op dit formulier: minecraft contest Voor meer informatie connect naar ts.get-gaming.net (teamspeak3) Of mail naar [email protected]
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April 15, 2016

The latest updates

Dear players. For some weeks now i have been working hard on making the server better. for example i have made MCGspace and intergrated it into the server. also if you have noticed the server may be down at the moment (16:37 15-4-2016) as i am installing the new SLIMEFUN 4 this is a plugin that adds modded items and machines to the server. WARNING you do not have to use slimefun you can also ignore it and play vanilla. also the iron rank has a new feature a statue builder! With this builder you can build with your own blocks a lifesize statue of yourself fully automaticly. ask mmuziek for help if you wanna use it!   if there are any more questions just ask!
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April 5, 2016

MCGspace Dev Blog 1

We all know we have MCGspace installed on the bitcubes server. this first video gives a quick tutorial how to use it. good luck if there are questions just ask!
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April 5, 2016

New Products on the bitcubes donation store

There are new products on the bitcubes donation store. More products will follow soon!   Upcoming products: Random Boxes Lossless Permissions More Blocks and Items.Gift Packs < Possibly not sure yet!  
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April 5, 2016

New Website Officially opened!

The brand new website has now officially been opened to the public! Please note our donation store is still being filled with products! if you have a suggestion for a product! Reply on twitter or Facebook with your idea! and maybe you win one of the 2 discount coupons for the bitcubes donation store!
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April 3, 2016

Welcome to our new website

Welcome  Bitcubes fans to our new website. Made possible thanks to Get-Gaming for their sponsorship More features and info will be added later on!   see ya all soon the bitcubes team
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What people say about bitcubes

What i think about this server network is that its awesome! It has everything for vanilla but you can also play semi vanilla or skyblock or creative! You can play minigames or hang out in the lobby. there is always something to do and the staff team keeps you informed of updates through social media and the website and even a newsletter! there is a strict no griefing policy so playing is safe. Its even safe for younger audience as rude language is strictly forbidden. to be short you should try it out! what can you lose?
Bitcubes is a great server. It has a great community, if you have problems witch downloading a mod like galactic craft this server really helps out its even more fun in my opinion. The server is updating as much as it can and the hard difficulty really is fun so you never become to “op”.

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