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Welcome everyone to Bitcubes!
The Community where everyone has a place!
We play survival and building games and we like to play together!
But also for other games you are still welcome!

You can find all information about our servers on this website if you still cannot find what you are looking for then take a look at our forums over HERE
otherwise Below you find our supported games!

Have Fun!


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Unturned is down please do not use the old ip anymore!

Currently the old admin has broken our server from the inside out causing the un turned to be down for 2 days now.

many of you are still connecting to the old ip causing to be redirected to his new network not the one of bitcubes.
anything that happens there is outside our control we recommend waiting until we re-add the ip on the bottom of this page. and announce it on our discord and here.

Sorry for the inconvenience


Security upgraded on Rust

Some players reported being attacked by UNKNOWN and raided till empty.

We started the research and found some possibilities.
as a precaution we removed some backend plugins and installed new protection methods.
Such as a connection Log Activity Log and Loot Log.

These logs will catch any hacker or cheater ingame with or without a name.
For those who wanna know how its possible. its a Glitch in the game if u use a certain combination of color codes the name is unreadable by the framework and returns Unknown.

To be short. report any Unknown activities from now on to our ticket system on discord.
-new [reason] is the only thing you have to do in the game-support channel


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