Progress to 1.11.2

Update Completed!
The update to 1.11.2 is completed and live!

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New videos and a giveaway!

Well lets start directly! Bitcubes is making a lot of videos lately and they are being processed to ...[Read More]

A new era

Hey bitcubers! I have some news I was too busy lately to do much on the server but thats possibly go...[Read More]

Update completed!

Hey Bitcubers! i worked hard today to fix the latest bugs from 1.11.2 and its now live and running o...[Read More]

Updating to 1.11.2

Hey Bitcubers its finally time to update tot 1.11.2. it has been a long and hard journy to fix all t...[Read More]

Systems back online!

After a waiting period. The servers are now back online! They are all stable and can be reacht by th...[Read More]

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