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What i think about this server network is that its awesome! It has everything for vanilla but you can also play semi vanilla or skyblock or creative! You can play minigames or hang out in the lobby. there is always something to do and the staff team keeps you informed of updates through social media and the website and even a newsletter! there is a strict no griefing policy so playing is safe. Its even safe for younger audience as rude language is strictly forbidden. to be short you should try it out! what can you lose?
Owner Bitcubes Network
Bitcubes is a great server. It has a great community, if you have problems witch downloading a mod like galactic craft this server really helps out its even more fun in my opinion. The server is updating as much as it can and the hard difficulty really is fun so you never become to “op”.
Bitcubes Member
Bitcubes is a fun server with a friendly community, you can get many extra's by donating a tiny amount to keep the server alive , i really like it that its possible to do that. Next to that are there so much mini-games you will never run out of any this is also because there is a lot of variation in the maps. even more so on BCLand you will get in game money every 10 minutes of online time! Furthermore you will always have fun on the the teamspeak as well and there is no bullying or swearing this because bitcubes is a community that has some rules and they keep it they never break those rules that's good to, the staff team is small but very helpful and active you can always ask them anything about minecraft stuff to something else like bugs or bitcubes related stuff. Sometimes when the bitcubes server updates we can find some difficulties with plugins/other stuff but its resolved very quickly so that everyone can play happy again! I was a member of the staff team a long time ago and where very active but was removed from duty later on for a good reason. Furthermore its always fun if you just wanna talk too with everyone on the public teamspeak from  bitcubes. There are multiple channels so that you can choose to talk with your friends alone or with a group of people, and sometimes they turn on a music bot on teamspeak so that when there is nobody to talk to you still have something to listen to that's something i really use a lot, the server is a bit quiet lately because of multiple reasons but bitcubes shall stay in existence and will never go down for whatever reason.
Bitcubes Member


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Server OPEN in BETA!

The server is online again but do note that the server is in beta until im done. but its playable ag...[Read More]

Delay Maintenance

Quick update… Im working hard to create all perms again. please standby as soon as member rank...[Read More]

Scheduled Maintenance!

There is a big update coming to bitcubes. Today around 13:00 the Maintenance starts. This means that...[Read More]

The new updates!

Heya Bitcubers! I wanna announce the partnership with SponsorKliks. I got many questions from people...[Read More]

The Winners of the Bitcubes Contest!

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The Traveling salesman has arrived!

Hey you. hmmmm I have arrived with some nice goods to trade. hmmmm are you interested? find me in th...[Read More]

Maintenance update completed!

Hi there! sorry for the offline time but the server is now back online to be played on again! the bi...[Read More]

The last meeting and removal of /home and the new bitcubes contest starting tomorrow!

Hey Bitcubers as requested is here the conclusion for many questions that have been asked to me and ...[Read More]

Server updated! (1.12.2)

Hey people the server is updated see the changes below : UPDATED many plugins such as trading protec...[Read More]

Server update!

We are quickly updating the server to 1.12.2 after this update everything is in BETA So please stand...[Read More]

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