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The ongoing changes!

Well well well.. We are all mad because bitcubes did not post an update on its progress in some time...[Read More]

Minecraft 1.12 update completed!

Well here it is its completed! Everyone should update to 1.12 in order to join bitcubes! Please note...[Read More]

Note Server being updated!

As we are moving on there are some things we need to let go. As of the new minecraft 1.12 is ready i...[Read More]

New Bitcubes intro released!

Hey everyone the new bitcubes into is released. I also included the history of bitcubes in the first...[Read More]

We are back in action!

Hello there bitcubers! Im here with another update! so lets start! first off is that the server was ...[Read More]

Some updates!

Well we all know everything….. or do you? so lets sum up this updates: MCGSpace Coming back! T...[Read More]

Great news!

Well i have some great news! we have recovered from the attack! We lost all plugins and files but th...[Read More]

The Bitcubes 6 years birthday contest! The Murder Mystery!

Hey bitcubers! i have some news! Because bitcubes is becoming 6 years on may 31 2017. Bitcubes is do...[Read More]

Updates ! The Bitcubes Community?

Well here we are again! With another big news article. Its strange but i do get some questions from ...[Read More]

The latest news!

Hey bitcubers! Im here with a lot of news so lets get started! First off are the changes to BCLand B...[Read More]

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